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When you live life in the spotlight, you want a business advisor who knows what it means to stand discretely by your side. We are a full-service CPA solution for athletes, entertainers, broadcasters, sport franchises, and charitable foundations.
At Smart Accountants, we help our sports and entertainment clients maximize their revenues, control their expenditures, protect their net worth, and ensure their financial security long after the conclusion of their careers. You’ll appreciate that our dedicated team has deep expertise in the U.S. Tax Code as it relates to professional athletes and entertainers.
Our advisors are experts in complex salary contracts, recording and touring agreements, product endorsements, royalties, and financial, business, and real estate investments. Our services go beyond financial advice, tax, and estate planning. For example, we help clients with new ventures. This could include automobile dealerships, restaurants, internet company start-ups, construction companies, road construction projects, baseball stadium projects, baseball training facilities, real estate investments, and the hospitality industry.
We’re a full-service solution for athletes, entertainers, broadcasters, sport franchises, and charitable foundations.



  • Systems Analysis and Structuring of Endorsements, Touring, Recording and Employment Contracts
  • Collection of Contractual and Non-guaranteed (Prize Money) Income
  • Coordination with Outside Attorneys for Real Estate Transactions
  • Generation of Comprehensive Quarterly Personal Financial Statements and Net Worth Analysis
  • Investment Monitoring and Reporting
  • Personal Insurance Liability Management (Liability Protection)
  • Comprehensive Tax and Estate Planning




  • Tax Planning, Tax minimization and Compliance (Domestic and International)
  • Establishing Domicile to Reduce State Tax Impact
  • Establishment of Corporations/LLC and Trust for Asset Protection Purposes
  • Tax Structuring of Contract Income (critical during Free Agency Period)




  • Implementing Estate and Trust Planning
  • Establishment and Recommendation of Charitable Foundations and Projects
  • Minimizing Potential Estate Tax
  • Life Insurance Planning




  • Business plan Development and Strategy
  • Acquisition and Due Diligence
  • Research and Analysis
  • Technology Consulting
  • Back office operation development




  • Bill Paying and Bookkeeping
  • Budgets and Annual Goal Settings
  • Special Services (Mortgages, Credit Cards, Automobile Leasing, etc.)
  • Private Aircraft Charter/Fractional Share Purchase
  • Tracking

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