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Are you concerned about your multinational tax liabilities? Our US Expatriate Tax Consulting is the single best solution to your plethora of expatriate tax-related issues. We provide you with the required assistance and the luxury of a notable expat tax advisor at a competent cost.

Let’s face it, the tax system in the United States can be complicated. This fact is especially true when there is an international angle involved. Our workforce is available to assist you with your expat tax consulting needs in the US from start to end. We offer you with everything you need to handle any tax problem, including safe online tools, specialists on hand, and a collection of resources to enhance your confidence. Smart Accountants in-house tax professionals are the core of our deliverables, and their proficiency sets us apart. We offer consultation and support to help you solve challenges and realize growth opportunities.

Smart Accountants provides the following Expat Tax Consultancy services :-

  • Expat Tax Advice for US Citizens with a Foreign Business 

Owning a business outside of the United States brings with it a slew of tax considerations that you must address to maintain your company’s tax effectiveness. If you are a US citizen who owns a business in another country, the structure of your company can have a major influence on the amount of tax you ultimately pay. Our expatriate tax consultancy services can advise you on the best international tax planning methods for your unique problem.

  • Expatriate Tax Consulting for foreign Citizens with a US Business

A non-resident of the United States who has commercial interests in the United States must be aware of the tax and compliance obligations in the United States. The US government casts a broad net to tax people who have a sufficient link or tax nexus to the US. As an Expat tax advisor, we can advise tax planning techniques to help you decrease your tax burden in the United States. We give important guidance to non-US people navigating their entry and activities in the US market, supported by our understanding of cross-border tax concerns.

  • Amazon International Sellers

The extent to which the United States government can levy federal taxes on a foreign merchant is heavily influenced by the seller’s level of connection to the United States. Selling items to Amazon customers in the United States has become a hugely successful business strategy for non-US vendors. Any connection to the US market necessitates consideration of a variety of US tax problems. Our tax specialists provide strategic planning to guarantee that your firm functions efficiently from a tax standpoint. Our thoroughness, along with our confidence derived from a thorough grasp of US tax law, ensures that we discover the best answers to every issue.

  • US Tax Residency and Treaty Positions

Suppose you are a non-US citizen who has spent time in the United States, or a green card holder residing overseas. In that case, you should examine the domestic regulations and treaty provisions that govern your tax position in the United States. Our specialists will review the whole body of legislation to assist you in arriving at a technically proper stance regarding your tax filing situation.

  • Expatriation Counseling

Our Expat Tax Consultants possess the expertise and experience in dealing with the ramifications of expatriation. If you are giving up your US citizenship or your green card, you must examine the tax consequences in the US. Our experienced tax specialists are the foundation of our expatriation consulting service. We provide professional help from CPAs, EAs, and tax attorneys in the United States at every stage of the tax compliance process, giving the resources, expertise, and understanding of our customers’ needs to achieve the best quality of service and optimum outcomes.

  • Tax Dispute Advocacy/resolution

Disputes with the IRS may be daunting and burdensome, especially when the matters at hand involve international tax components such as foreign information reporting. Expat Tax consultant has the resources and knowledge to argue on your behalf. At Smart Accountants, we assist you in optimizing your planning and compliance, negotiating missing elections, correcting mistakes, and dealing with other cross-border tax difficulties.

  • Expatriate Tax Planning

How will your tax burden be affected if you live in another country? Assess the length of your stay in the United States, the structure of dividends and other distributions, creating and contributing to IRAs, whether your spouse stays in the United States or relocates with you, and if your spouse continues to work. Our CPAs can gladly assist you with the tax consequences of these and other actions. Smart Accountants analyzes your circumstances — past, present, and future — to optimize your tax obligations by providing superior expat tax advice.

  • International Tax reporting

Compliance with a rising number of tax rules, more thorough and coordinated enforcement by tax authorities, and persistent personnel limitations continue to burden both local and multinational corporations. As businesses expand into new markets, the complexity of managing tax risks and complying with reporting requirements grows. Smart Accountants provides efficient, cost-effective tax compliance services, including co-sourcing and outsourcing alternatives. A set of integrated tax technology can assist businesses in achieving their objective of high-quality, low-cost compliance.

  • Transfer Pricing

Since transfer pricing is becoming an increasingly relevant and important aspect for businesses worldwide as a result of the rapid expansion of global markets, we believe that transfer pricing should be viewed as an extension of a business rather than mere compliance practice. From exerting proactive engagement in elements ranging from transfer price planning to policy execution, we work alongside you as your growth partner. We can assist in all decision-making aspects linked to foreign transactions.

  • Global Employer Services

Our Global Employer Services specialists assist you and your employees with tax and social security concerns arising from employee mobility. These services include all elements of an assignment, including advising on global assignment rules, including tax equalization; HR support, such as advising on compensation and incentive schemes; pre-departure/post-arrival counseling; and so on.

  • US Tax Treaties benefits and planning

The United States has entered into several expat tax treaties with other countries. Residents of other nations may be excused from paying US expat taxes under certain treaties, or they may be taxed at a reduced rate. It would be best to never lose out on the advantages you may be entitled to as per the tax treaties applicable in your case. Smart Accountants skilled staff will constantly keep you up to speed on all the tax deductions and exemptions available to you.

Smart Accountants can be your best-in-league Expat Tax Advisor!

We assist clients in streamlining the basics and navigating the difficulties. With our easy-to-reach expatriate tax consultancy services, you’re never more than a phone call or click away from the service that’s right for you. We work hard to maintain a level of expertise that assures accountability and accuracy for our clients. Smart Accountants is your one-stop partner for Finance, Tax, and Accounting solutions. In addition to Expatriate Tax Consulting, we also provide Financing and Accounting services. Our trained and experienced specialists work around the clock to ensure that your US business grows without incurring any tax defaults or penalties.

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Q: Do US expats pay US taxes?

Answer: Yes, you must file a U.S. tax return if you are a U.S. citizen with an income above the general threshold, regardless of whether you live abroad or in the United States.

Q: How much tax do US expats have to pay?

Answer: US expat pays income tax similar to any other US person living in US. They may have to pay Self-employed taxes if any of the income is from subject to self-employment taxes. Depending upon the country from where they are earning, they may be eligible for the foreign tax credit to eliminate/reduce the effect of double taxation.

Q: I am a citizen of the United States who has lived and worked abroad for many years. Should I still submit a U.S. tax return?

Answer: Yes, if you are a U.S. citizen or resident alien living outside the U.S., your worldwide income is liable to U.S. income tax. You may, however, be eligible for some international earned income exclusions and/or foreign-earned income tax credits. For more information, consult Publication 54, Tax Guide for U.S. Citizens and Resident Aliens Abroad.

Q: I pay income tax to a foreign government. Do I still need to file a U.S. income tax return if I no longer reside in the country?

Answer: Unless you surrender your green card holder status by completing Form I-407 with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service or renounce your U.S. citizenship under particular expatriation tax laws, you must file a U.S. income tax return while working and living overseas. Consult Publication 519, U.S. Tax Guide for Aliens, for additional details.

Q: What international currency exchange rate should I utilize when converting foreign currency to U.S. currency in order to file a U.S. tax return?

Answer: The Internal Revenue Service does not have a designated exchange rate. In general, it accepts any consistently used advertised exchange rate. Use the exchange rate for that day if a single transaction, such as the selling of a firm, occurred on a single day. Nevertheless, if you receive a uniform income throughout the tax year, you can convert the foreign currency into US dollars using the average annual exchange rate. If there are many exchange rates, use the one that consistently applies to the facts and circumstances. For further information, please visit the Foreign Currency and Currency Exchange Rates page.