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Most of the time, the US tax filing season is stressful for both individual taxpayers and companies. Most businesses fail to recognize that allocating adequate time for tax preparation helps them organize their records and decrease the likelihood of errors. Smart Accountants provides tailored US tax services for small and large enterprises. We strictly adhere to the best preparation approach that suits your company, allowing you to benefit from higher refunds and fewer tax liabilities. We have a seasoned and well-trained team of specialists that have carved out a place for themselves in the subject of taxation and whose expertise is incomparable. We also categorize the financial statement items and understand the taxability and treatment of various accounts.

Smart Accountants provides a wide range of US tax preparation services, including the following:

Individual Federal State and Local Income US Tax filing

In addition to federal income tax filing, state and, in certain cases, local governments impose a multi-tiered income tax system. Federal and state income taxes are similar as they both apply a percentage rate to taxable income. Still, they can differ significantly in terms of the amount of rates and how they’re used. There are also variations in the nature of income that is taxable and the deductions and tax credits that are available. Smart Accountants understands how the overall tax system operates and can assist in making the tax filing process function more smoothly.

Business Federal and State Income Tax filing (C-corp, S-corp, LLC, and Partnership)

The type of business you run influences what taxes you must pay and how you pay them. We deliver specialized services for small business tax filing needs. Depending on the type of business entity, the tax compliances can vary. We offer customizable offerings for C-Corporations, S-Corps, LLC, and Partnerships in the US. In scenarios where a taxpayer needs assistance with h1b tax filing, he can take our help.

Trust Federal and state tax filing

Trusts, like individuals, must pay federal and state income taxes. To grasp a mastery over trust taxation, you must first understand a trust’s principal and revenue aspects. The income tax treatment of various forms of trust might vary significantly. Creating trusts that transfer income to beneficiaries may be a good method to save money on taxes. Our estate tax planning and gift tax planning can sort out the tax compliance worries for your trust.

Exempt organization Federal and State Tax filing

Exempt organizations are generally required to file yearly returns; however, there are exceptions. If an entity fails to file a necessary return or files late, the IRS may levy fines. Furthermore, if an organization fails to submit as required for three consecutive years, it immediately loses its tax-exempt status. Thus, Smart Accountants lends out support for exempt organizations to manage their US tax needs.

Estate Tax Planning and reporting

You don’t want to entrust critical choices about your assets to the state. That is why having an estate tax plan is so crucial. We assist our customers with estate tax planning to empower them to successfully manage and maintain their estate throughout and after their lifetime. Smart Accountants assists with estate tax planning by using effective tax-saving measures as the primary approach of such plans.

Gift Tax Planning and reporting

Gifting among friends and family is a common practice throughout the world. Gift tax planning assists in allocating family income across several tax rates, therefore lowering the overall tax burden. These presents might take any shape — cash, jewelry, moveable and immovable property, or even shares. Smart Accountants can help you with practical gift tax planning by providing you with an instant tax consultation service.

Cost Segregation

The process of reclassifying components of your business structure from real property to personal property is known as cost segregation. Our goal at Smart Accountants is to help you save the most money on taxes so that you may enhance your cash flow and allow your business to grow, adapt, and thrive. Our skilled staff ensures that you save the most money on taxes.

Amended Tax Return

Every taxpayer is expected to file their taxes for the previous fiscal year. After completing or sending a return that the government has approved, taxpayers may learn that they made a mistake in filling up their tax forms or that their circumstances have changed. Smart Accountants is at its rescue in such situations. With our federal income tax filing experience, you can file your amended tax return promptly without worry.

Research and Development Tax Credit

We assist businesses in locating federal and state R&D tax credits, allowing them to achieve cash tax savings for eligible research operations. Because of research and development (R&D) tax credits, your day-to-day activities may give undiscovered chances to obtain extra revenue and lower your company’s income tax burden.

Tax Performance Engineering

Smart Accountants Tax Performance Engineering team works with businesses to develop and document optimal procedures, extract, convert, and load source data, automate tax computations, and deploy or improve the use of technology to speed tax reporting. We provide a flexible approach to service delivery, allowing your staff to concentrate on other value-added tasks.

Tax Planning and Projections

Smart Accountants successful company and personal customers benefit financially from knowledge-based tax planning and predictions. Tax decisions and tax planning have an impact on many long-term and short-term company decisions. We help with corporation tax filings, personal tax filings, small business tax filing, trusts, and non-profit organizations.

IRS Tax notice resolution

Federal income tax filing is an obligation to be fulfilled. However, determining how much taxpayers owe and how much they owe is incredibly tricky. Tax resolution services give enough protection against any IRS activity. Our services are provided to taxpayers to equip you with the best possible defense against the IRS’s numerous ways to come after their money. Tax audits and other fines are unpleasant experiences for most people, so we’re committed to finding a solution that works for you.

State & Local Tax [SALT]

US Taxpayers who itemize the deductions on their federal income tax returns are able to deduct certain state, local, real estate, and personal property taxes, as well as income taxes or generic sales taxes. It allows taxpayers in high-tax levying states to optimize their tax liabilities. Smart Accountants can help you to deal with your SALT tax confusions during your federal income tax filing task.

State Income Tax nexus study

State Income Tax solutions enhance customers’ efforts in regions where time and resources are restricted. The nexus applies to all types of taxes, including sales tax and income tax. Our State Income tax specialists are extremely skilled in completing thorough state income tax reviews and working with customers on specific projects as needed.

State Sales Tax nexus study

The jurisdictional notion, generally known as nexus, is a central problem in multistate taxation. It has been the subject of significant legislation, legal actions, and litigation at both the state and federal levels. With our small business tax filing support and sales tax preparation expertise, you can ensure that you remain compliant as per the sales tax regulations of your state. We conduct a thorough examination of your business location and operations to understand the nexus of sales tax applicable to you.

Amazon Resellers/Seller sales tax

Amazon has altered our perception of business at large. Amazon marketplace vendors that collect sales tax have to file continuous returns with state and local tax authorities, depending on where they are located. The regularity with which a seller files a tax return is determined by the amount of money generated by taxable sales. We assist you in proper sales and corporation tax filing. If you operate as an Amazon seller, you may delegate the responsibility to manage your sales tax to our team.

Multistate sales tax filing and reporting

Sales and use tax rules are sometimes a complicated quagmire of intricacy. Multistate tax concerns are challenging for many businesses. As manufacturers grow beyond state borders, they must keep track of the complex, ever-changing rules that influence many areas of their operations, from facility maintenance to online sales to repair services. Companies that operate in many states are aware that sales tax regulations vary from one state to the next. Thus, Smart Accountants can extend its masterful backing to streamline your multistate sales tax filing and reporting needs.

IRS streamlined Procedures/delinquent tax filing [Back year taxes resolution]

The streamlined processes are intended to assist taxpayers in submitting revised or delinquent returns and terms for settling their tax and penalty responsibilities. The streamlined procedures have been adjusted and are exclusively intended for personal tax filing, including estates of individual taxpayers.

Collaborate with Smart Accountants for your state and federal income tax filing needs!

Taxation is an ever-changing world. From personal tax filing to corporation tax filing, there are transforming paradigms and rules that cover a variety of tax rates and tax exemptions. With all of these moving elements, it is critical to comprehend the crucial job of tax professionals and the reasons why you require one.

Smart Accountants specializes in meticulously reviewing your tax data and interpreting and classifying each item to file tax returns in a timely and accurate manner.

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