How can you file for Dec 15 US Expat Tax Extension?

If you are an American living abroad who is concerned about filing your US expat tax return by the 15th of October, you may rest easy. You may qualify for a tax filing deadline extension until December 15!

Remember that this additional extension is only available to those who were already granted an extension until October 15th.

Essential Tax Filing Obligation Details

Before we can explain how to file for a US expat tax extension by December 15, we must review the regular US expat tax deadlines and extension dates. As an American or holder of a Green Card living overseas, you are required to disclose your global income if your adjusted gross income is greater than the filing level.

Expats who are required to file U.S. taxes are granted a two-month extension to declare their international income. However, if you owe US federal or state taxes, you must file by the standard April 15 date.

In addition, US expats might file for a free us expat tax extension or write a letter to the IRS and mail it by October 15 to request more time to complete their expat tax job. However, you must submit the extension request form before the June 15 date.

If you received an extension in October and still need more time to complete your US expat taxes, you can still file for a December 15 extension. This can be accomplished by completing Form 1040 with the supplementary documentation described below.

Letter Writing and Delivery to the IRS

Letter Writing and Delivery to the IRSThere is no mechanism to send an online email or message to the IRS requesting an extension to the December 15 deadline for filing US expat taxes. You must instead use the usual method of writing and mailing a letter to the IRS. This procedure adheres to the current US Treasury requirements.

Information to include in your letter

  • Your full name and Social Security number
  • Which tax return or papers you need an extension for, as well as the year or tax period.
  • A reason why the IRS should offer you an extension to file your taxes by December 15 (and not October 15). This could be due to the additional time required to compile income and expense data for your 2021 tax return. Especially if you reside overseas as a citizen of the United States and communication and mailing delays may occur. Whatever is true and relevant to your circumstances should work. It is essential that you appear confident and careful as a taxpayer.

Example Letter


“I, (your name), with Social Security Number (your Social Security Number), request an extension until December 15, 2022, to file Form 1040 for the tax year 2021. The cause is ______.

I sincerely hope this extension will be granted.

Best regards,
(Your name)

Make a couple of copies of this letter to have on file!

The IRS’s mailing address in the United States

Please send your letter in an envelope including an international postage stamp to:

Department of the Treasury

Internal Revenue Service

Austin, TX 73301-0215


If you were to mail your US expat tax form to the IRS Service Center, you would use the above address. We recommend that you send your mail via a private delivery service such as DHL or FedEx. Utilizing these services enables you to obtain the signature proving that your letter arrived at the headquarters safely.

Send Your Letter Instantaneously

Due to the current epidemic and the delay in the transportation of Stimulus checks to Americans living abroad, we recommend that you submit your letter as soon as possible. Therefore, it must reach the IRS before to the October 17 deadline. Yes, your letter must be postmarked no later than October 17 of this year.

As a US citizen abroad, it is typical to get no IRS notification or confirmation of your letter. You will not learn whether the IRS processed and accepted your letter and extension. As described above, you can have a representative sign that your letter has arrived at their office.

Start Filing for the Due Date of December 15

Even if you have not received confirmation of the December 15 extension, you should still prepare and file your 2020 tax return.

Otherwise, you can manually complete the tax forms by following the instructions below:

  1. Include a copy of the letter you sent to the IRS requesting an extension with your tax return for 2021. On Form 1040, write “Taxpayer Abroad” at the top.
  2. Send it to the above address using your local post office.
  3. Congrats, you’re done!

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